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Facebook 360 will turn your listing image or video into a virtual tour

Facebook 360 and Real Estate

Facebook 360 will turn your listing image or video into a virtual tour

Nowadays, having a real estate business is becoming more and more challenging. Even if you think that recent mortgage law changes will slow down the market, it doesn’t mean that your competition will try less. With flashing online ads, through eye-catching flyers, to state-of-the-art pictures and virtual tours of selling properties, it’s hard to stand out in the real estate agents’ jungle. Plus, let’s be honest – there is a budget you have to stick to. You might ask yourself now, “OK, so how can I stand out without increasing my expenses but still gain new clients?”

The importance of first impressions in Real Estate

As a real estate agent you’ve probably often used professional photographers to show your listings. The average cost for such a service varies from $110–$300 depending on how the size of the property. We all know how important first impressions are, and how huge of an impact a first impression has on selling a house or a condo. With that in mind, pictures might be not enough to convince potential buyers. Today’s real estate marketing companies offer videos or panoramic virtual tours as a service. If you’ve just started as an agent, you might wonder how much more you will have to spend each time to sell a house. Yes, you can always spend hundreds of dollars on a special panoramic camera and Panotour software as a onetime investment – or, you can use power of social media and use their tools to make your ads greater for free.

Introducing Facebook 360: Your visual selling agent

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming common, and it already has an influence on different industries. In recent years, Facebook, the owner of Oculus Rift (a VR headset), has been investing heavily into VR products. As an outcome, we can see on our Facebook walls 360-degree videos or pictures. Aren’t they fascinating? Have you caught yourself spending minutes circling around to look at the town you grew up in, or visiting the Lamborghini museum? Don’t worry, we did that too. Now, imagine your Facebook house listing post with 360-degree videos or images. It’s free, it’s engaging, and it might gain you new clients.

All Facebook users can easily upload 360-degree videos or pictures. It’s free and it’s simple. Now it’s time for you to use this feature as a powerful tool for your properties’ virtual tours. Just follow these simple instructions to get started.


As a social media channel, Facebook has a huge potential for expanding your business. You can use it to connect with and maintain new clients, or use it for your own advertisement at a low cost. Of course, you can always increase your audience by running Facebook ads, but even here you need to be careful and be sure that your ad will be noticed. If you are real estate agent or interior designer, the Facebook 360 feature gives you a great advantage to stand out from a crowd.

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